LiveHive Adds Tagging Function to Cloud-Based Collaborative Workspaces

LiveHive Adds Tagging Function to Cloud-Based Collaborative Workspaces

LiveHive has introduced a new tagging system dubbed LiveTags to its cloud-based collaborative workspaces service. The new tags bring workflow action into workspaces.

LiveHive has added a new tagging feature designed to add dynamic layer of workflow within its collaborative workspaces service. Dubbed LiveTags, the new feature enables users to "surface key action items, status changes, due dates, key decision points and any other critical information within LiveHive."

"LiveTags are a unique and customizable solution that trumps rigid, traditional project tools and to-do lists," said Fritz Mueller, vice president of product management at LiveHive, in a prepared statement. "When an organization uses LiveHive and LiveTags, they build durable business memory and maximize their retained intelligence, all while increasing productivity and control over their work."

The launch of LiveTags follows only a few months after the launch of the LiveHive cloud-based collaboration service. LiveHive officially launched in March as a way for end users to collect, organize, share and discuss work within teams and organizations. Designed for businesses from SMBs up to large enterprises, LiveHive provides users with the ability to create visual and social workspaces that connect any type of file or document, including those stored in clouds such as Google (GOOG).

LiveTags assign tags that have "workflow values" such as due dates, assignments, priorities and status attached to them. The different values can be created by users or be admin-defined, depending on the organization's needs. With admin-defined LiveTags, organizations get the benefit of standardizing items across an organization. User-defined LiveTags would create a more dynamic—but also more chaotic—system of tags.

LiveTags has been rolled out across LiveHive to all levels of users, from the freebie version available to tiny businesses and sole proprietorships to all three paid plans.

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