KXEN Launches Predictive Offers on Salesforce AppExchange

KXEN Launches Predictive Offers on Salesforce AppExchange

KXEN has launched Preditive Offers on the Salesforce.com AppExchange. The new app will provide predictive data analytics to cloud users of Salesforce.

Predictive analytics vendor KXEN has launched a new application on Salesforce.com's (NYSE: CRM) AppExchange. Predictive Offers takes the company's predictive analytics functions to the cloud, providing customers with the ability to get more use out of the CRM and social profile data residing within Salesforce to deliver more personalized offer recommendations.

According to KXEN, analytics can be difficult to set up and maintain because most tools use complicated rule-based systems that are based on intuition or outdated analysis. As expected, KXEN is positioning its own solution as an improved analytics model, providing a "predictive model-based next best activity solution" that learns by itself and analyzes all available information.

"We are bringing the power of predictive analytics to Salesforce, where in the past, only large companies with dedicated resources could benefit from this level of analytic sophistication," said John Ball, CEO of KXEN, in a prepared statement. "Predictive Offers simplifies the next best activity process so that customer service agents in every company can make the right offer to the right customer at the right time."

Alex Bard, senior vice president of Service Cloud at Salesforce, noted in the announcement that the personalization of customer conversations in real-time is essential to accelerate success in the cloud.

"By harnessing the massive amounts of customer and social data in Salesforce, KXEN is leveraging the power of the Salesforce Platform to provide customers with the right tools—such as real-time next best activity solutions—to drive their transformation into customer companies," Bard said in a prepared statement.

Considering all the data that must reside within Salesforce's CRM platform, an analytics application would be of tremendous benefit to a lot of businesses, giving them the opportunity to better utilize the customer data they have gathered over the years. Since it's also a cloud offering packaged with Salesforce Service Cloud, it's also meant to be incredibly easy to set up and use—even better, especially for smaller businesses that don't have the staff or technical expertise to set up and maintain a complicated analytics solution.

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