Instart cofounder and CEO Manav Mitel

Instart co-founder and CEO Manav Mitel

Instart Logic Aims to Break SaaS Bottlenecks With Accelerator

Instart Logic is hoping to solve one of the problems keeping some organizations from adopting cloud services. The company launched a new SaaS aimed at SaaS providers who are looking for a way to increase their network performance.

One of the things still keeping some organizations from adopting the cloud computing model is the perception that cloud still has performance issues. It's not entirely a falsehood, as there is lag on some cloud services. And when services go down, it tends to generate headlines. Instart Logic is hoping to begin to change things with the introduction of a SaaS offering aimed at SaaS providers that is intended to improve SaaS network performance.

According to Instart Logic, the new offering takes the web performance market beyond CDN (content delivery network) and ADN (application delivery network). The offering was rolled out in stealth mode to several customers, and the company noted it is already having success within the SaaS provider market. Instart Logic stated it is already serving hundreds of thousands of enterprise SaaS application users on its global network.

Some of Instart Logic's initial customers include New Relic, VersionOne, IFTTT and RelateIQ. With SaaS being the fastest-growing segment of the cloud market, Instart Logic is hoping to capture some of the market and help enterprises and SaaS providers make that happen. Instart Logic's SaaS offering aims to turn SaaS providers' applications into "native-like" apps, "even over unpredictable mobile and wireless networks."

To make this happen, Instart Logic uses Dynamic HTML Streaming and its Global Network Accelerator technologies. The target is, of course, legacy web performance and application delivery products, which Instart Logic is hoping to replace.

"SaaS is rapidly disrupting the legacy software market but SaaS users expect their applications to perform as fast as the native applications they are replacing," said Manav Mital, CEO and co-founder of Instart Logic, in a prepared statement. "We are responding to strong demand from SaaS providers with a genuinely disruptive solution that gives them a new class of web application acceleration tools. With these technologies, SaaS vendors are better able to give their end customers exceptionally high performance and data freshness on any device and any type of network."

If Instart Logic's technology does what the company claims it does, then maybe it really will stand out in the cloud performance market. And it could play a strong role in helping the naysayers to change their minds regarding cloud computing.

For cloud services providers, this could also represent a differentiator and help to gain customers that have so far been wary of the cloud because of perceived performance issues.

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