IBM vs. Amazon: Green Status Pro Chooses SoftLayer

IBM vs. Amazon: Green Status Pro Chooses SoftLayer

IBM's SoftLayer has scored a big win over Amazon Web Services. The company has signed Green Status Pro as a customer, with the organization choosing SoftLayer over AWS to launch its SaaS offerings.

Check one mark in the IBM (IBM) column when it comes to the battle between Big Blue and Amazon (AMZN) Web Services. The company's subsidiary, SoftLayer, has scored a big win by signing on Green Status Pro, which chose SoftLayer's cloud platform for the delivery of its SaaS offerings over AWS.

The announcement comes right after the launch of the AWS Activate program, which is intended to bring startups on board the AWS cloud platform. But startup Green Status Pro chose SoftLayer, and according to the company, it's because SoftLayer was "significantly faster and easier" than AWS.

"SaaS companies like Green Status Pro have a unique set of infrastructure requirements focusing on the areas of security, performance and ease-of-use. The IT infrastructure they choose to build and scale their businesses on will often determine if they succeed or not—it is critical to their livelihood," said SoftLayer CEO Lance Crosby in a prepared statement. "SoftLayer provides the right mix of infrastructure capabilities, including bare metal server performance and virtual computing resources, that help Green Status Pro transform the way businesses comply with ongoing government regulations."

Green Status Pro provides customers in the minerals industry with cloud-based software for automating business-critical due diligence. And the company chosen SoftLayer over AWS.

"Our mission at Green Status Pro is to streamline the tasks of operating managers, helping to free them from spending excessive amounts of time, money and labor adhering to these new regulations. Simplifying Conflict Minerals Due Diligence Procedures and Reporting is a perfect example of how we automate compliance for complex regulations," said Rob Kasameyer, Green Status Pro president, in a prepared statement. "Our customers expect us to provide a service where data security, performance and best-in-class infrastructure-as-a-service are a prerequisite for doing business. SoftLayer was superior to alternatives for providing us with these critical capabilities."

This seems like just the latest in the ongoing battle between IBM and Amazon Web Services. And this one is a definite win for IBM SoftLayer.

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