IBM Cloud Revenues Double (But Does It Matter?)

IBM's cloud revenues doubled during Q2 2012, but Big Blue did not disclose exactly what those cloud computing revenues involved. It's the latest example of a technology company claiming success in the cloud market without sharing any real details for investors, channel partners and customers.

IBM's (NYSE: IBM) overall revenues dropped during Q2, but the company increased its full-year earnings outlook and IBM plans to hire 1,500 software professionals to further boost sales.

But what about those IBM cloud revenues? During an earnings call today, CFO Mark Loughridge offered this tiny tidbit of information: " In Cloud, we doubled last year’s revenue, with contribution from all areas, private cloud, public cloud and our industry-based solutions."

Where is IBM succeeding in the cloud? Server hardware? Storage? Middleware software? So far, IBM isn't exactly saying. Plus, it's difficult to pinpoint just how well IBM is performing in the cloud. Doubling cloud revenues sounds impressive, but does that mean IBM's cloud revenues grew from $2 billion to $4 billion -- or merely $2 million to $4 million?

That's an exaggerated example... but you get the picture.

Meanwhile, cloud competition looms on all fronts. In addition to the usual suspects -- Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Windows Azure, etc. -- IBM must also compete with emerging clouds such as Dell Cloud and HP Cloud, among others.


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