HP Converged Cloud and HP Public Cloud: Details Confirmed

HP Converged Cloud and HP Public Cloud: Details Confirmed

Hewlett-Packard officially launched the HP Converged Cloud and HP Public Cloud strategies today. HP Converged Cloud seeks to offer channel partners and customers a hybrid delivery approach that spans traditional IT, private, managed and public clouds. Plus, the HP Public Cloud is built on OpenStack and will include a MySQL relational database service that competes with Microsoft SQL Azure and other cloud database platforms.

Missing from the HP Converged Cloud and HP Public Cloud announcements: A clear channel partner program message that describes margins and recurring revenue opportunities to cloud integrators, cloud consultants, cloud brokers, VARs and MSPs.

Still, let's cut HP some slack. Today's HP Converged Cloud and HP Public Cloud announcements were designed to deliver big-picture statements rather than deeper partner program details.

HP Converged Cloud Details

The HP Converged Cloud effort leverages OpenStack, the open source cloud platform. But this is far more than an OpenStack strategy. The HP Converged Cloud effort focuses on three core themes, according to the company:

  • Choice - through an open, standards-based approach supporting multiple hypervisors, operating systems and development environments as well as a heterogeneous infrastructure and an extensible partner ecosystem.

  • Confidence - through a management and security offering that spans information, applications and infrastructure.

  • Consistency - through a single common architecture.

HP Public Cloud Details

Also announced by HP today:

  • An HP Public Cloud that will focus on Infrastructure as a service. A public beta opens May 10. Plus, a private beta will allow partners and customers to test MySQL as a relational database service -- essentially countering Microsoft SQL Azure and cloud database platforms from Amazon and Rackspace, among others.

  • To manage hybrid environments, HP has launched HP Cloud Maps, which offers pre-packaged application templates for "push-button" deployment, HP claims.

  • An HP Service Virtualization 2.0 platform will allow partners and customers to test cloud and mobile applications without disrupting production systems, HP claims.

  • HP Virtual Application networks, which claims to speed application deployment and automates management.

  • HP Virtual Network Protection Service provides security at the network virtualization management layer.

  • HP Network Cloud Optimization Service helps customers to enhance their network to improve cloud-based service delivery.

  • HP Enterprise Cloud Services will allow customers to outsource cloud management to HP

Gaining Clarity

The arrival of HP Public Cloud and HP Converged Cloud could help Hewlett-Packard to end confusion about the company's cloud computing and cloud services strategy.

While still CEO of HP, Leo Apotheker in early 2011 delivered a rambling HP cloud strategy speech at the HP Americas Partner Conference in Las Vegas. Apotheker claimed the HP cloud effort would compete with everything from Apple iTunes to Rackspace. But he offered no details on actual cloud deliverables, and Apotheker ultimately was ousted in September 2011.

Fast forward to the present, and HP has unveiled a massive portfolio of cloud services for partners and customers. But how will the HP Cloud strategy play with partners and customers? Talkin' Cloud expects to gain some early clues during the OpenStack Design Summit and Conference (April 16-20, San Francisco). HP is expected to speak at the conference, which will also include insights from Dell, IBM, Rackspace and other cloud rivals.
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