Host Analytics Cloud Survey: Optimism, Adoption Challenges

Enterprise cloud performance management firm Host Analytics released a survey of almost 350 CIOs and IT executives on cloud adoption trends and challenges, which found “strong optimism on the current benefits and potential of cloud computing, but at the same time ... caution about the lingering IT challenges to adoption.”

The survey, which was conducted by Dimensional Research also found CIOs and IT executives believe cloud-based business intelligence (BI) can help solve adoption problems from siloed SaaS applications.

“Businesses are investing heavily in cloud computing today,” said Diane Hagglund, senior research analyst for Dimensional Research and the study’s author, in a prepared statement. “Our research reveals high optimism and expectations among CIOs and IT executives for cloud adoption and value, but also hurdles including the anticipation that IT will end up operating cloud applications bought by other areas of the business and without input from IT. In overcoming these and other hurdles to adoption, good communication is essential, but not always existent. One silver lining: BI can help solve problems caused by siloed SaaS applications.”

The survey was conducted in May 2012; respondents came from a wide range of functions, company sizes and industries. Eighty-six percent of respondents were based in the United States and Canada, and 7 percent came from the EMEA and APAC regions, respectively.

Despite the overall optimism noted in the survey, only 31 percent said their IT systems were cloud-based at present, and 88 percent indicated challenges during migration. The major adoption challenges “focused on the need to integrate data between different applications and ultimately knowing where the data resided.”

Here is a summary of the survey’s results:

  • 92 percent say the adoption of cloud technologies is good for business

  • 67 percent say cloud technologies help IT deliver better systems for less money

  • 62 percent say SaaS applications give business stakeholders more ownership of key applications

  • 69 percent say their companies still work primarily with on-premise applications

  • 88 percent report challenges with SaaS business applications; 67 percent report issues integrating data between applications

  • 37 percent say IT has been asked to take ownership for solutions purchased without their input

  • 74 percent say having data from their SaaS applications in a common BI solution would add value

  • The biggest potential benefits of SaaS BI include easier access to data currently in application silos (54 percent), increased visibility (46 percent) and faster deployment (42 percent).

Overall, the survey is good news for Host Analytics, which offers a suite of cloud CPM and business analytics applications “to help finance executives drive faster and smarter decisions throughout their organizations.” Talkin’ Cloud readers can visit the Host Analytics website to access the survey, and can also click here for an overview on its partner program.
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