Government Cloud: Layered Technologies Buys New World Apps

A new acquisition puts compliant and secure cloud and hosting services provider Layered Technologies directly into the federal, state and local government market. The company announced it has acquired New World Apps, a secure private cloud and community cloud computing provider focused on the government markets.

With experience and expertise in serving the U.S. intelligence community, law enforcement, the Department of Defense and most civilian federal agencies, New World Apps brings a new level of secure cloud and a new market to Layered Technologies.

"The acquisition of New World Apps is extremely strategic to Layered Technologies because it gives us an immediate and meaningful presence in the federal and public sector markets, which complements our compliant hosting leadership position in the financial payment card industry, healthcare and SaaS markets,” said Jack Finlayson, Layered Technologies' chairman and CEO, in a prepared statement.

Not only does New World Apps has relationships and a high level of respect within the U.S. government community, but it also has plenty of long-standing partnerships with ISVs and SaaS providers that serve the public and commercial markets.

Over the next few years, the federal cloud market will be a high-growth area of opportunity for cloud services providers, mostly due to federal mandates that will reduce IT spending and push services into the cloud. The federal "cloud first" policy that was introduced in February 2011 and expanded later that year provides cloud services providers with a lot of opportunities now and in the future.

New World Apps' experience in PCI- and HIPAA-compliant cloud and hosting offerings gives Layered Technologies an immediate edge in the overall government space, and it's an area many cloud providers may want to look at as they continue to build out their cloud offerings.

Layered Technologies' own expertise stems from the commercial cloud and hosting markets, but with this acquisition, the company jumps right into a growing cloud market.

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