Google Apps Management: BetterCloud FlashPanel Catching On?

Google Apps Management: BetterCloud FlashPanel Catching On?

Top Google Apps Authorized Resellers apparently have found an easier way to manage Google Apps. Indeed, a dozen of Google's top Google Apps resellers have joined the BetterCloud Preferred Partners program. BetterCloud develops FlashPanel, an IT management application for Google Apps administrators.

According to BetterCloud: FlashPanel, which is available for free via the Google Apps Marketplace, has been installed on over 300,000 Google Apps seats since its private beta launch in May.

Meanwhile, a dozen top Google Apps resellers -- including several of the world's top 100 cloud services providers -- use or reselling FlashPanel. Early adopters, according to BetterCloud, include DoIT!, Master Concept, SIOS, ViWo, L Tech, SheepDog, Excel Micro, Cloud Sherpas, Cloud Technology Solutions, Orion Solutions, Cumulus Global and Damson Cloud.

Talkin' Cloud's big question: Instead of simply reselling BetterCloud into customer environments, will channel partners also use BetterCloud FlashPanel to manage customers' Google Apps environments.

It's easy to imagine MSPs (managed services providers) running FlashPanel for simplified group administration, streamlined user management, granular email monitoring, easier structuring and modification of organizational units, and faster email signature setup across user populations. (BetterCloud says FlashPanel supports each of those capabilities, and more.)

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