Gluster To Power Storage For Swedish City Cloud IaaS

Gluster To Power Storage For Swedish City Cloud IaaS

Hosted service provider City Network is using Gluster, an open source scale-out storage solution for City Cloud, Sweden's first IaaS platform. City Cloud, which recently debuted after 15 months of beta, reportedly dishes up cloud services to over 500 Swedish companies. Apparently, City Cloud is praising Gluster's scalability, which enables it to meet the needs of a cloud platform growing quickly.

To really understand why City Cloud is so enamored with Gluster, according to the press release, you have to understand how their IaaS offering works. Customer applications run in VMs on blade servers with multi-tenant access to the Gluster storage infrastructure. If and when a VM fails, it gets shunted over to another VM. Replicated Gluster data keeps the data highly available from a virtualized data center. Both VMs and storage are dynamically provisioned, and City Cloud says that Gluster keeps pace admirably.

The really interesting thing is that City Network is apparently so pleased by their relationship with Gluster that they're going to start using them as the backend behind all their hosted services, from messaging to shared hosting.

This is the latest in a series of deals that open source cloud solution developers have made with service providers abroad, with and RightScale recently powering and managing the Tata InstaCompute public cloud respectively, and Open-Xchange signing many hosted messaging providers.

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