Engine Yard Expands Channel Partner Program Boundaries

Platform as a Service (PaaS) firm Engine Yard announced the expansion of its partner program along with the addition of program “tracks,” tools and benefits. The Engine Yard partner program is designed to “give the company’s thousands of customers access to a rich ecosystem of the world’s most innovative applications and services,” according to the company. In addition, partners receive marketing, sales and technical support.

The expanded Engine Yard partner program features Solutions Providers, Technology Providers and Infrastructure Providers tracks with specific benefits and levels of support for each group. Mike Mersch, director of Global Alliances at Engine Yard, said the Solutions Provider track is the company’s main interest, in which the company seeks to engage more than “200 elite application development partners using the services and support offered by the Engine Yard PaaS.”

Engine Yard also launched an incubation program to support and mentor “fast growth” startups. Qualifying startups can receive several thousand “free development hours” as well as mentoring services -- a capacity Engine Yard considers one of its core competencies, Mersch noted.

Channel partners can click here to learn more about the Engine Yard partner program.

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