EMC Announces New Cloud Storage Solutions for Oracle Users

Some of the big news out of Oracle OpenWorld surrounds a new EMC Proven Solution that the network storage provider claims will make life easier for Oracle users to accelerate their migration process from on-premise storage to a cloud computing environment.

The solution is called the EMC Proven Oracle Performance Solution, and it's based on the EMC VNX unified storage platform and leverages EMC FAST Cache. EMC claims the new solution can double the number of Oracle transactions per minute, achieve 80 percent faster response times and generate up to 170 percent more IOPS in physical and virtual Oracle environments. How does it do this? According to EMC, the solution maps out how to combine the EMC VNX unified storage solution with Oracle's Direct FNS solution. Ultimately, the mapping strategy increases the performance of physical and virtual Oracle databases.

To illustrate how the solution works, EMC issued a best practices white paper describing how EMC itself experienced huge data growth in its 15TB Oracle database. The goal of the white paper, according to EMC, is to help other users reach their full potential.

"With the new EMC Proven Solution and best practices white paper EMC is providing customers with real-world examples that they can use to achieve unprecedented cost savings and Oracle performance improvements by leveraging EMC technology in both physical and VMware vSphere virtual environments," said EMC SVP of Global Solutions Prasad Rampalli in a prepared statement. "We're 100 percent focused on accelerating our customers' journey to the cloud and continue to develop solutions and best practices that leverage EMC technology capabilities to more cost-effectively analyze, manage and protect complex, ever-growing amounts of information in their Oracle environments." You can find all of EMC's solutions for Oracle here.

EMC also noted it was recently named in an IDC user survey as the top provider of storage technology in Oracle and other mission-critical environments -- a recognition that should give EMC further credibility in the storage provider marketplace. The company has been making a lot of moves recently in the cloud storage space, including partnering with CTERA on a cloud storage solution. But that's no surprise: At Oracle Open World, EMC CEO Joseph Tucci called cloud computing the most disruptive technology wave ever. So you can expect EMC to continue to try to  innovate in the cloud.

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