Dell, Equinix, and Rackspace Partner For OpenStack Cloud Demos

Dell, Equinix, and Rackspace Partner For OpenStack Cloud Demos

Dell, Equinix, and Rackspace Hosting have invested considerable time, money, and expertise into developing and promoting OpenStack as part of its the 50-organization-strong project community. The effort aims to provide service providers with an open source public and private cloud platform. And now, with the OpenStack software getting ever-nearer to enterprise readiness, the three companies are offering a cloud demonstration environment that allows customers to see how their applications run on the platform.

Right now, the OpenStack cloud demonstration and test environment is running out of three data centers: the Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) in Silicon Valley, Calif., and Ashburn, Va., and the Rackspace data center in Chicago, Ill. with more to come, according to the press release.

Technology-wise, the OpenStack demo cloud uses the titular software, services and support from Rackspace Cloud Builders, cloud optimized Dell PowerEdge C servers, and Platform Equinix, a network-neutral global delivery platform consisting of 92 data centers. The goal is to help enterprises and service providers decide even faster if an OpenStack cloud environment is something they'd be interested in. And if they like what they see, the OpenStack project is hoping that it leads to companies giving a proof-of-concept (POC) a try.

This may seem like a simple announcement, but despite its truckload of support from vendors big and small, OpenStack is still largely untested in the marketplace. Giving IT pros the chance to try before they figuratively buy.

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