CloudCheckr Launches AWS Budget Alerts Feature

CloudCheckr Launches AWS Budget Alerts Feature

A new feature from CloudCheckr will help customers keep better track in real-time of their expenses on Amazon Web Services.

Imagine this scenario for a second. As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner, you bring AWS and related services to your customers. The end of the month comes and you present your customer with a bill. And then you hear back from who is now an angry customer, facing a bill far larger than expected.

Or maybe you don't have to imagine the scenario. Maybe you're dealing with it regularly.

A new feature on the CloudCheckr service is intended to remove bill shock entirely. The company's new AWS Budget Alerts feature was designed to be easy to set up and provide customers with the ability to track usage and set limits.

By setting a pending limit and a threshold, customers can use the CloudCheckr service to create as many alerts as they want, and each alert can be based on account, tag and/or service. Additionally, customers can customize the time period for which the alerts will occur, offering the ability to track a project for its duration.

The AWS Budget Alerts feature isn't fully out of beta testing yet. It's easy to see how this could be a highly beneficial feature for budget-minded end customers, particularly those on the smaller end of the spectrum (say, all of those SMB customers who are now using AWS).

For AWS partners, this could be the pain reliever medicine for that end-of-month discussion with customers who are not happy they went over their internal limits. Being able to set those limits, notify them they are reaching or have exceeded those limits, and even putting a cap on their services could go a long way toward turning a cautious customer into a happy one.

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