Can Leo Technosoft Help Channel Partners Speed SaaS Deploytments?

Can Leo Technosoft Help Channel Partners Speed SaaS Deploytments?

International cloud development solution and outsourcing provider Leo Technosoft has launched SaaSTenant 2.0, which apparently helps channel partners and ISVs to rapidly move applications into the cloud. The pitch: Leverage existing .NET assets and expertise and focus on functionality, not compatibility with the SaaS approach.

According to Leo Technosoft's press release, SaaSTenant 2.0 enables ISVs to implement scalability and multitenancy with relative ease - taking some of the stress out of making sure your product supports the most basic business benefits of cloud services.

In addition, the SaaSTenant framework includes application services like license management, metering and billing, subscriber management, and multi-portal management.

The idea of a time-saving cloud application development framework isn't a new one. (See examples here and here). Moreover, companies like Parallels are working with ISVs and hosting companies to move legacy applications into the cloud.

As the cloud services market heats up, more and more developers want in, and infrastructure providers and cloud service providers alike have a vested interest in helping them get there.

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