Backupify: Google Apps Migrations Via Cloud Backup Provider

Backupify: Google Apps Migrations Via Cloud Backup Provider

Backupify, a cloud backup services provider, has launched Migrator for Google Apps. The cloud migration tool allows Google Apps consultants and users to migrate data from one domain to another.

Backupify is particularly interesting because the company has a channel partner strategy, and Backupify also attracted funding from Symantec Corp. (NASDAQ: SYMC) earlier this year.

Yes, some Google Apps channel partners are taking note. True believers include ICT Project Management, which plans to use the Google Apps migration tool to help manage customers' calendars and documents.

Backupify sees at least four use case scenarios for the tool:

  1. Businesses that have acquired another company and need to move Google Apps data to the buyer's domain.

  2. Colleges and universities transitioning graduates from student to alumni domains.

  3. Google Apps administrators de-provisioning a departing Google Apps user that want to move all the departee’s data to another domain account.

  4. Organizations undergoing a domain name change that need to migrate users to the new domain.

Backupify also helps customers to protect data from other types of SaaS and cloud platforms, including
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