Avaya Collaborative Cloud Offers New Opportunities for CSPs

Avaya Collaborative Cloud Offers New Opportunities for CSPs

Avaya has launched a new cloud offering specifically tailored to the needs of cloud service providers. The Avaya Collaborative Cloud will enable cloud service providers to brand and deliver to customers Avaya's unified communications, contact center and video products.

Avaya is looking to work with cloud service providers and enable them to find additional opportunities in the cloud. The company announced additions to the Avaya Collaborative Cloud designed with cloud service providers in mind.

The additions to Collaborative Cloud, originally launched nearly a year ago, are meant to make it easier for cloud service providers to brand and deliver Avaya unified communications, contact center and video products. Launched as a hybrid cloud communications suite, Collaborative Cloud has been updated to help partners offer unified-communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) and contact-center-as-a-service (CCaaS) with utility-based pricing models.

Avaya has made three key additions to the platform:

  • Avaya Cloud Enablement for Unified Communications and Customer Experience Management, which offers cloud service providers utility-based, opex pricing that allows them to pay only for what their customers use. According to Avaya, this will better accommodate customer needs, and it's being provided on a single, open, scalable architecture based on Avaya Aura. Also as part of the offering, Avaya Control Manager will enable multitenancy with an easy-to-use centralized management and administrative segmentation tool.
  • Avaya Cloud Enablement for Video, which is meant to provide a highly scalable open platform for interoperable multivendor video collaboration. Video really seems to be taking off in the cloud as more businesses begin to see the benefits of video—particularly video-as-a-service (VaaS). Cloud Enablement for Video was designed to provide cloud service providers with out-of-the-box multitenancy capabilities and the ability to customize the Scopia mobile application by the tenant or organization.
  • Avaya Communications Outsourcing Solutions Express, which is a new private cloud offering that can be hosted by Avaya, a cloud service provider or another channel partner on behalf of the customer. Partners can sell it either as an Avaya or a co-branded offering. Avaya called it the "first edition," which is focused on contact center deployments for businesses with up to 500 concurrent agents, so it's probably safe to assume further announcements regarding this new solution will be forthcoming.

"With Avaya Collaborative Cloud, cloud service providers can offer a differentiated UC, contact center or video solution to enterprises," said Joel Hackney, senior vice president and general manager for cloud solutions at Avaya, in a prepared statement. "Avaya's highly flexible pricing and options for hosting and branding, along with the known quality of Avaya solutions present a compelling, revenue-generating opportunity for CSPs to adopt and extend Avaya Collaborative Cloud offers to their business customers."

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