Amazon S3 Cuts Cloud Storage Prices, Thanks to Popularity

Amazon S3 Cuts Cloud Storage Prices, Thanks to Popularity

Amazon S3, the cloud storage platform from monolithic service provider Amazon Web Services, has cut prices across the board, retroactive to Feb. 1, 2012. That's for old customers buying new capacity, new customers and pretty much anyone using S3 storage (with exceptions at the absolute high end).

Here's the breakdown of how the new pricing scheme might affect you, as per Amazon Web Services cloud guru Jeff Barr's blog (pricing based on the AWS Standard region):

StorageOld (GB / Month)New (GB / Month)
First 1TB$0.140$0.125
Next 49TB$0.125$0.110
Next 450TB$0.110$0.095
Next 500TB$0.095$0.090
Next 4000TB$0.080$0.080 (no change)
Over 5000TB$0.055$0.055 (no change)

For those not good at math (like your humble correspondent), that's a 12 percent reduction in cost for users storing an average of 50TB. For those with 500GB of cloud storage, the discount gets a little deeper at 13.5 percent.

Barr said these lower prices are a byproduct of the scale achieved by Amazon Web Services in general and Amazon S3 in specific, with more than 762 billion objects stored. As Amazon's cloud gets larger, storage gets cheaper for everyone. Barr said that's a cost advantage that on-premises just can't match, let alone beat.

Amazon Web Services continues its march toward total cloud domination as it further entrenches its price leadership. With no signs of slowdown, rest assured that TalkinCloud is going to continue watching Amazon Web Services.
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