Google Cloud Platform Live: Container Engine, App Engine Managed VMs Unveiled

Google Cloud Platform Live: Container Engine, App Engine Managed VMs Unveiled

Google is beefing up its infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings with the introduction of new containerization and managed virtual machines (VMs) on its public cloud services.

At Google Cloud Platform Live, Google (GOOG) unveiled a handful of new cloud services and solutions that will boost the capabilities it's currently sporting. And they may help to present the company as a stronger player in the cloud computing arena.

A core focus so far at the event is that cloud computing is not yet ideally where developers need it to be. According to a blog post written by Brian Stevens, vice president of Product Management for the Google Cloud Platform, "The promise of cloud computing is only partly realized; too many of the headaches of on-premise development and deployment remain. We want to do better."

Stevens noted he believes the product announcement at the event will help to bring about that cloud reality. They include:

  • Google Container Engine, which provides users with the ability to run Docker containers in compute clusters. Powered by Kubernetes, Container Engine lets users move from managing application components running on individual virtual machines to launching portable Docker containers that are scheduled into a managed compute cluster.
  • The ability to launch managed virtual machines (VMs) in App Engine. Google provided a sneak peek of this capability earlier this year, which enables the benefits of App Engine in a flexible VM environment. App Engine Managed VMs have now gone into beta. Google also added a new featurs to Managed VM, including autoscaling, cloud SDK integration and support for runtimes built on Docker containers.

"We are committed to not just evolving technology for technology’s sake but to staying focused on the user and delivering real value," Stevens wrote.

A few other Google announcements from the event include:

  • Three new connectivity options for Google Cloud Interconnect, including direct peering, through carrier partners (including Equinix, IX Reach, Level 3, Tata Communications, Telx, Verizon and Zayo), and the soon-to-be-released VPN-based connectivity.
  • The public beta launch of Google Cloud Debugger, an application troubleshooter tool that was previewed at Google I/O.
  • Price reductions on Network egress (47 percent), BigQuery storage (23 percent), Persistent Disk Snapshots (79 percent), Persistent Disk SSD (48 percent) and Cloud SQL (25 percent).
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