Raj Ananthanpillai president CEO and chairman of InfoZen

Raj Ananthanpillai, president, CEO and chairman of InfoZen

InfoZen Completes First Phase of NASA WESTPrime Migration

Cloud services broker InfoZen has completed the first phase of the migration of NASA's WESTPrime web migration to a cloud-based content management system on Amazon Web Services.

Cloud services broker InfoZen has completed the first phase of the web migration of NASA's WESTPrime to an open source content management system (CMS) powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

According to the company, InfoZen has migrated 110 NASA websites and applications, including NASA.gov, and more than 1 million pieces of content to the new cloud environment. The total time for the first phase? InfoZen said it took 22 weeks to complete.

It's an example of a federal government agency moving onto a FedRAMP-compliant cloud environment. InfoZen noted in its announcement that the move will save NASA more than 25 percent in monthly operations and maintenance costs.

"By leveraging cloud-based, open source technologies through our LaunchRAMP solution, NASA's web services have become more agile, more efficient, and more secure in a very short period of time," said Raj Ananthanpillai, president, CEO and chairman of InfoZen, in a prepared statement.

The new cloud infrastructure is in part intended to help NASA.gov to rapidly scale to handle the 600,000 unique visits it receives per day. NASA currently has 1,500 public-facing websites and 2,000 intranets, extranets and applications—all of which will be able to take advantage of the scale and benefits of the cloud infrastructure.

"WESTPrime provides a cloud-based environment for NASA to efficiently and securely deliver content and applications to employees, contractors, researchers and partners across the U.S. and around the world," said Roopangi Kadakia, NASA web services executive, in a prepared statement. "NASA is happy to have this initial migration completed and looks forward to leveraging the WESTPrime contract for future rapid deployments of web applications in the cloud."

Additionally, the cloud model will provide NASA with better levels of insight into overall IT performance so it can focus resources on applications that are delivering value and consolidating those that aren't. The InfoZen LaunchRAMP Enterprise Cloud Broker solution was designed to provide customers with repeatable methodologies required complete projects within aggressive timeframes. The end result, according to InfoZen, is rapid application deployment and migration within a secure, highly available AWS environment.

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