Tony Safoian president and CEO of SADA Systems

Tony Safoian, president and CEO of SADA Systems.

SADA Unveils Infrastructure Migration to Google Service

SADA Systems is looking to help customers migrate their IT infrastructures to the Google Cloud. The cloud solutions provider has unveiled a new service to make that transition easier.

Google (GOOG) partner SADA Systems has launched a new service intended on helping customers migrate their IT infrastructure to Google Cloud, taking advantage of changes to Google's support for Microsoft (MSFT) Windows Server 2008. SADA's Infrastructure Migration to Google Cloud Platform offering is intended to move customers to Google in a three-phase project.

According to the SADA, the new offering launched in part to take advantage of Google's recently announced support for Windows Server 2008 R2 on Google Compute Engine, as well as reduced pricing and discounts.

With the cloud migration offering, SADA hopes to leverage its experience developing Google Cloud offerings to alleviate organizations' infrastructure burdens. And the company hopes to target a wide variety of businesses, including small and medium businesses (SMBs), education, public sector and large commercial enterprises.

SADA described the migration service as being made up of three phases:

  • First, SADA provides a consultative pain point discovery process in which a dedicated solutions engineer works with the customer to assess whether Google Cloud is an appropriate fit.
  • Second, SADA designs a solution tailored to the customer's needs. The company architects a solution around Google Cloud to address identified pain points and business needs.
  • Third, SADA implements the solution, which includes building the solution based on the design specified by the customer and the SADA design team, as well as migrating components or applications to the cloud with Google Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL or Google Compute Engine.

"We believe that organizations should use technologies that scale and adapt to their evolving infrastructure needs," said Tony Safoian, president and CEO of SADA Systems, in a prepared statement. "Infrastructure Migration to Google Cloud Platform is an extremely exciting service that gives our clients access to a set of cutting edge infrastructure and platform solutions, helping them rethink IT in general, while transforming the way they work."

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