Ofer Shapiro CEO and cofounder of Vidyo

Ofer Shapiro, CEO and co-founder of Vidyo

Swisscom, Vidyo Launch Cloud-based Video Conferencing Service

Vidia is a new cloud-based video communications and collaboration service based on the VidyoWorks platform and application programming interfaces (APIs). Here's the complete rundown on this video conferencing service.

Swisscom, a Switzerland-based information and communications technology (ICT) provider, has launched a new cloud-based video communications and collaboration service with video conferencing provider Vidyo. The video conferencing service, Vidia, is based on the VidyoWorks platform and application programming interfaces (APIs) and allows Swisscom customers to participate in multi-party video calls.

In a press release, Vidyo claims that Vidia delivers "affordable, high-quality, multipoint HD video conferencing systems over smartphones, tablets and desktops." Vidia allows users to access virtual meeting rooms from any PC, Mac or mobile device (iOS or Android) and enables non-registered guests to join video conferences as well.

Ofer Shapiro, CEO and co-founder of Vidyo, commented on Vidia in a press release:

"The Swisscom deployment is a stunning example of what can be achieved as consumer and business users converge on the same platform, and we are excited to be a part of this. The VidyoWorks platform has raised the bar for cloud-based video conferencing, providing quality, scale and affordability, as well as the ease-of-use expected by today's consumer."

Erich Gebhardt, Head of Transversal Products at Swisscom, added that Vidia could prove to be a key differentiator for his company.

"The integration of Vidyo has enabled us to offer our business clients the ability to place HD video conferencing calls," Gebhardt said in a prepared statement. "In Switzerland, customers expect a high level of quality and reliability; those features, along with the scalability and flexibility that was needed to really differentiate this service, were made possible through the power of Vidyo APIs and VidyoWorks."

Myriad choices are available when it comes to cloud-based video communications. In addition to Vidyo, UK-based StarLeaf provides StarLeaf Call, a cloud video chat service, and unified communications provider Polycom (NASDAQ: PLCM) offers its RealPresence Cloud platform to allow its partners to deliver Video-as-a-Service (VaaS) collaboration solutions.

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