MuleSoft's iON SaaS Edition Integrates SaaS Across Apps

San Francisco-based MuleSoft launched the Mule iON SaaS Edition, which includes a set of new tools and services for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) integration in the cloud. The Mule iON SaaS Edition allows SaaS vendors and systems integrators (SI’s) to build new packages of cloud integration apps that automate enterprise processes across applications, thus enabling them, according to MuleSoft, to “focus on scaling their core business instead of spending time and money on custom integration.” MuleSoft also announced a QuickStart Plan to aid vendors to begin generating revenue with the Mule iON cloud platform.

New features of the Mule iON SaaS Edition include:

  • Graphical data mapping and transformation capabilities – enables SaaS vendors and SIs to build and deploy integration apps without writing custom code by using the Mule Studio drag-and-drop interface

  • Cloud Connector ToolKit – makes it easy to create new cloud connectors in Mule Studio for any public or private Web API

  • Customer Self-service Portals – allows SaaS end user customers to independently manage integrations, minimizing dependency on developers and reducing support calls

  • SaaS Operations Center – provides complete visibility into end user environments with a multi-tenant portal to monitor, manage and maintain integration apps

In addition to the new features, Mule iON SaaS Edition has a set of over 20 packaged integration apps and over 100 Cloud Connectors to more quickly realize the most common integration uses cases. MuleSoft supports billions of transactions each data; enterprise customers include Walmart, Master Card, Nokia, and Honeywell. SaaS vendor customers include Salesforce.comNetSuite, Workday, Intuit and Zuora.

Talkin’ Cloud readers can click here to learn about the MuleSoft partner program.
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