Masergy Adds Azure Platform Integration to Cloud Marketplace

Masergy Adds Azure Platform Integration to Cloud Marketplace

Masergy customers now have direct integration into the Microsoft Azure platform through the company's Cloud Marketplace.

Masergy Communications customers now have access to the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform through the company’s Cloud Marketplace.

The managed networking and cloud service provider said it has directly connected its global software defined network platform to Azure’s data centers, which is expected to provide customers with reliable access to Azure-hosted applications over Masergy’s network, according to the announcement. The company also said the integration will drive down the complexities of hybrid cloud integration, meaning customers will have an easier time setting up and deploying their cloud networks.

The Azure connectivity is expected to provide customers with several advanced managed service features, including Intelligent Service Control for global bandwidth on demand and Intelligent Network Analysis to provide users with real-time network and application analysis.

Microsoft is the latest company to join the Masergy Cloud Marketplace, including recent partners such as Amazon, IBM, Softlayer and Equinix, among others.

“Finding the right cloud provider to host applications and web services is only part of the equation,” said Tim Naramore, chief technology officer at Masergy, in a statement. “Organizations must also choose the best service provider to connect their corporate networks and data centers to the Azure cloud platform. Masergy simplifies this process by offering a fully-tested and predictable connection that ensures the application performance levels that businesses require.”

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