Wipro Implements Dell Boomi to Solve Cloud Services Broker Issues

Wipro Implements Dell Boomi to Solve Cloud Services Broker Issues

Dell partner Wipro is using Dell Boomi to speed and simplify cloud migration for customers, solving a fundamental problem of taking mission-critical applications to cloud-based applications.

Cloud services broker Wipro Technologies has partnered with Dell Boomi to solve what Boomi general manager Rick Nucci says is a fundamental problem for cloud brokers today.

Using Boomi, Wipro is enabling midmarket enterprises to accelerate their adoption of cloud, particularly in mission-critical applications. According to the announcement from the two companies, Wipro is using Boomi to deliver "true multidirectional dynamism, and enable businesses of all sizes to realize their transformative potential of cloud computing across business processes (BPaaS), business applications (SaaS), middleware (PaaS) and its underlying infrastructure (IaaS)."

"One of the things that happens as enterprises move to the cloud is they need what you hear Gartner describe as a cloud services broker. It provides three basic things—implementation servcies and customziation services, aggregation services and integration services. And that's where Boomi comes into play," Nucci told Talkin' Cloud.

Nucci explained Wipro recognized the problems of migrating enterprise applications into the cloud and turned to Boomi to help solve that problem.

"They are able to solve a problem that, without Boomi, they really struggle to solve today. When you think about what we do, an enterprise is taking a mission-critical application ... they're aodpting a cloud-based application and they need to integrate that data with their on-premise environment," Nucci said.

Not an easy task, for sure, but for customers, it's critical that integration not only is done right, but also is cost-effective and enables them to continue to generate revenue. Security of that data when it goes out into the cyber-ether is also vital, and the disparate nature of IT resources has made that even more challenging to deal with than before. For that businesses, businesses—and their trusted providers—need visibility, Nucci said.

"It's a key enabler to helping an enterprise move to the cloud," he added.

No matter what happens to Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) as the move to bring it full circle to being a private company, the company's partners (as well as any cloud services broker) are looking for ways to take the manual operations and customization out of their migration work. Boomi, which now boasts more than 1 million transactions per day, is the technology Dell hopes such brokers will turn to.

"I think Wipro's a good example of a number of global SIs that we'll be focusing on partnerships with. I think it resepresents a great opportunity. The other big part of our channel strategy is the ISVs themselves, companies like Ariba and SuccessFactors. They have embedded Boomi into their offerings," Nucci said.

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