Masergy Expands Marketplace to Partners' Cloud Services

Masergy Expands Marketplace to Partners' Cloud Services

Masergy, which provides managed networking and cloud communications services, has broadened the scope of the Masergy Marketplace to include cloud services from its partners.

Managed networking and cloud communications services provider Masergy Communications is expanding its marketplace to include cloud services, which will give its on-net partners the chance to list their cloud services and sell them through Masergy. Whether the services will also go through Masergy's channel is unknown.

The premise of the Masergy Marketplace is to deliver the services of partners who leverage Masergy's global IP/MPLS network to "deliver services through simplified connectivity." Basically, Masergy acts as a broker for a variety of IT services, trying to make it easy to deploy third-party services through the elimination of physical interconnections and cables.

To make the service work, Masergy works with partners to set up a virtual path for instant, software-enabled access to their services. And now that middleman tool can connect to partners' cloud services, essentially making Masergy a cloud services brokerage.

"Masergy is helping to bridge the gap between services our customers require and the providers who deliver them," said John Dumbleton, senior vice president of business development for Masergy, in a prepared statement. "Our Marketplace helps simplify the selection process by directly interconnecting with experienced cloud providers to reduce complexity in multivendor deployments."

What will this mean for Masergy's channel? That's an unknown at this time. The company launched Broadcore Connect as a channel-focused midmarket cloud-based communications solution last year, furthering its position in the mid-market.

The expansion of the Masergy Marketplace to include cloud services seems like it could be a good opportunity for the company's channel partners, as well, driving many of those services through the channel.

UPDATE: A quick update from Masergy. The Masergy Marketplace is channel-friendly, and the new cloud services that are connected through the central marketplace will be sold through its channel partners. According to Masergy, 90 percent of its new logo business comes from channel partners. For Masergy, its channel business is "booming."

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