Jamcracker Services Delivery Network 6.0 Enables Cloud Services Management Photo courtesy of FreeFoto.com. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Jamcracker Services Delivery Network 6.0 Enables Cloud Services Management

Cloud services broker Jamcracker is rolling out the latest version of its Services Delivery Network with new globalization features and APIs.

Jamcracker has unveiled a new version of its Services Delivery Network. The cloud services broker is introducing new globalization enhancements to multiple operational areas and new APIs to version 6.0 of the software.

Designed to provide SMBs and enterprises with the tools needed to create, manage and run cloud services with operational and financial efficiency in public, private and hybrid clouds, Jamcracker Services Delivery Network 6.0 offers customers help in delivering and managing cloud services with provisioning, billing, security, user administration and support framework.

"JSDN 6.0 offers our customers the flexibility to set up multiple marketplaces, each with a unique set of languages, currencies, time zones and date formats," said Mahendra Soneji, vice president of product management at Jamcracker, in a prepared statement. "This enables the catalog, stores and offers to be made available in multiple geographies. This not only decreases the operations costs, but also increases the ROI for our customers and adds significant value to their cloud offerings."

Being able to act as a cloud services broker for customers—whether internal or external—is increasingly becoming important as businesses adopt additional cloud services and need to determine which best fit their needs. Jamcracker recently issued a report that shows how customers are leveraging the capabilities of cloud services brokers. As the report discovered (not that it was necessarily any surprise), businesses are using cloud services brokers more frequently as they continue to migrate data and applications to the cloud.

Jamcracker's cloud services brokerage platform has been updated to be more universal in the world. The "internationalized version" includes capabilities to set languages, currencies, time zones and date formats based on local regions. According to the firm, this will have a significant impact on operational costs associated with supporting multiple regions, but it's also intended to enable organizations to focus on core competencies instead of dealing with the ever-increasing complex nature of cloud environments.

JSDN 6.0 also includes 18 REST APIs designed to improve integration of existing applications while also increasing the scalability and flexibility in application development and deployment.

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