ComputeNext Launches Cloud Training Program for Channel Partners

ComputeNext Launches Cloud Training Program for Channel Partners

ComputeNext has launched a new training program for the channel, called CloudEd.

Cloud services brokerage ComputeNext launched a new training program for the channel, called CloudEd, which aims to help cloud resellers migrate wary customers to cloud-based solutions.

Created by ComputeNext’s director of channel development Dan Moore, CloudEd offers video tutorials for channel professionals partnering with the ComputeNext platform as well as an optional, free general cloud certifications provided by CompTIA. The certifications include executive certificates in cloud computing in beginner and advanced levels, as well as certificates for cloud-based workflows including data recovery, IT security and unified communications.

According to ComputeNext, the CloudEd program “covers basic and advanced rationales for the cloud computing thought process, as well as hands-on tutorial training on the ComputeNext Marketplace itself.”

The company’s Marketplace is a platform that allows users to provision and manage cloud services from cloud hosting providers around the world. The platform can also be white-labeled allowing resellers to access a “Marketplace-as-a-service.”

“[There is] a huge need for education and training resources that can better equip these organizations to lead cloud conversations, understand the larger market dynamics of cloud computing, and ultimately exude a sense of trustworthiness to their clients,” Moore said in a statement. “Unfortunately, the plethora of platform & technology vendors respective to cloud services coupled with the barrage of marketing information about ‘going to the cloud’ can be very daunting and confusing as to what your first steps should be.”

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