The Top 7 Cloud Companies to Work For, and Why Their Employees Love Them

Cloud investment firm Battery Ventures released a list with Glassdoor that ranks the top 50 private cloud companies to work for, based on employee satisfaction.

The highest ranked companies are all firms with 200 or more employees, so it isn’t all-inclusive, but Neeraj Agrawal, Battery general partner said that the list “provides a window into which private, business-focused cloud companies are generating the most excitement among employees – one key proxy for company health, and part of the broader business trend we see today around transparency on the Internet.”

Though it’s likely no surprise to anyone who follows the tech startup space, one of the key drivers of employee satisfaction across the board was culture. Other similarities between the top rated cloud companies include employers that embrace transparency, and companies with experienced leadership teams who regularly and clearly communicate with employees.

Click through the slideshow to see the top 7 privately-held cloud companies to work for, the values that drive them in all that they do, and why their current employees think they are the best place to work.

To see the full list of 50 top cloud companies to work for, click here. 

*Employee comments were gathered from company websites and Glassdoor reviews

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