These 13 Tech Companies Have No Problem Attracting Top Talent

Tech companies are known for their impressive perks for employees that extend well beyond free food, and include benefits such as competitive parental leave. But there are a multitude of reasons that U.S. employees are attracted to certain companies.

Based on new data from LinkedIn, here are the top U.S. tech companies where professionals want to work. Click through the slideshow to view the top 13 tech companies attracting U.S. professionals.

If you're not a unicorn, these perks and benefits may seem out of reach, but helping employees achieve work-life balance, feel like their work is challenging and valued, and have a little bit of fun here and there can do wonders in making your company - whatever it's size - a great place to work. 

Talkin’ Cloud wants to know: What kind of measures does your company take to ensure it is attracting the best and brightest? Please share your thoughts and tips in the comments. 

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