Welcome to Talkin39 Cloud 20 Same team louder conversations

Welcome to Talkin' Cloud 2.0. Same team, louder conversations.

Say Hello to Talkin' Cloud 2.0

Cloud service providers (CSPs) are growing up fast and innovating fast. So is Talkin' Cloud. You likely noticed our new design, which debuted the evening of November 8. What's new and diferrent here on Talkin' Cloud? And how will CSPs -- our core readers -- benefit from the changes? I'm glad you asked. 

First, it's important to understand the big picture. Talkin' Cloud, from Nine Lives Media, originally launched in December 2010. Our media network (focused on VARs, MSPs and CSPs) also includes The VAR Guy and MSPmentor.

By August 2011, Penton Media acquired Nine Lives Media and our websites. Amy Katz, my business partner, negotiated the deal with Penton for several reasons. Chief among them: We wanted to take our blog-centric sites and plug them into a scalable, reliable, dynamic media system. Within the halls of Penton, that system is called Pisces -- a custom-configured content management system that will scale with our growing online community.

Effective a few hours ago, we've successfully migrated to Pisces. Check our home page and you'll see a far more robust content layout -- including:

  • Our top-of-page Media Carousel, which gives you the big picture on big issues and coverage of the day.
  • Today's Chatter, including the latest coverage worth tracking.
  • Guest Blogs, from our Platinum sponsors.
  • Videos and slide shows.
  • News and views, including analysis and research.

When Penton acquired Nine Lives, we told readers it was not an exit strategy. Instead, we vowed it was a business acceleration strategy. Today, we shift Talkin' Cloud into overdrive.  And remember: You're a passenger seated right next to us. We hope you enjoy the ride -- and the continued dialog with our growing community.

Got questions? Post a comment, tweet us (@talkin_cloud) or email me ([email protected]). Thanks for joining the Talkin' Cloud conversation. It's about to get even louder.

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