OpenStack Clouds: Best Buy, Bloomberg, Comcast, HubSpot Say Yes

At OpenStack Summit, Best Buy, Bloomberg, Comcast and HubSpot said their cloud platforms increasingly leverage OpenStack. Should MSPs follow suit?

Best Buy (owner of mindSHIFT, the MSPmentor 501 company), Bloomberg, Comcast and Hubspot each described how they are building services on OpenStack, the open source cloud platform. The case studies surfaced at OpenStack Summit this morning in Portland, Oregon. For MSPs that are still sorting out private and public cloud strategies, it sounds like OpenStack is maturing quickly.

On the one hand, I suspect small MSPs will never deal directly with OpenStack, since most MSPs will likely plug into third-party clouds rather than building their own. But if you're consulting on private cloud deployments or looking to build out a public cloud data center, OpenStack has got to be on your radar.

For more information, Talkin' Cloud, MSPmentor's sister site, is blogging live from the OpenStack Summit.

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