Ipanema Technologies Announces Virtualization Solution

Ipanema Technologies Announces Virtualization Solution

Application performance solutions provider Ipanema Technologies has announced a new virtualization solution, the virtual|engine, which puts the company's Autonomic Networking System into virtualized form.

Application performance solutions provider Ipanema Technologies has announced a new solution called the virtual|engine (that's virtual | engine if you separate the words and punctuation). The technology deploys Ipanema's Autonomic Networking System over a company's virtual infrastructure to guarantee the performance of virtualized networked applications, the company said.

Ipanema’s Product Management Director Mark Burton said in a prepared statement that the company turned had taken all the featues of its software and put them into a product that runs on a virtual platform.

Businesses can use the virtual|engine to deploy Ipanema’s Autonomic Networking System over their virtual infrastructure. The Autonomic Networking System comes in carrier-grade and service provider-grade packages and is designed to add intelligent network prioritization of application traffic to enterprises and WANs. The benefit comes from better performance of the company's applications over the network.

The company said that Ipanema’s virtual|engine includes:

  • flexible deployment models, including virtualized data centers and branch office box;
  • standardization of the infrastructure platform (hardware and operating systems) at the data center and at the branch office; and
  • reduced costs and faster installation times.

Burton added that the current version of the solution runs on VMware (NYSE: VMW) ESXi hypervisor. The company, however, is planning to support other virtualization platforms, such as Linux KVM in the near future. Ipanema did not reveal when that support would be made available.

Ipanema's customers range from midsized companies to enterprises with thousands of sites.

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