Follow up on your own leads

Follow up on your own leads.

Here's How CSPs Can Follow Up With Leads After Networking Events

It may be difficult at times to follow up with leads after networkign events, but it's a must if you're looking to build relationships and turn those relationships into customers. Here are the details.

Every time I attend an event, I get a huge barrage of calls the following week. If you are sponsoring events to get leads for your CSP, don’t let that investment go to waste. Do not hand off your trade show leads off to a third party for follow up. Do it yourself.

"Carrie, I met 500 people at that event!" You did, I know. Your new prospect, however, only met a handful, and they expect you to remember them. Nothing will turn off an interested buyer faster than a phone call that makes it sound like they weren’t important or memorable.

Here are a few things you can do to make your trade show follow ups easier and more productive:

  • Take a minute at the event to make notes on each person you meet — something that will allow you to reconnect with the prospect and remember who they are. Did you talk about golf at dinner? Did they ask about a specific feature? 
  • Use a numeric ranking system and write it on the card immediately after your conversation. Hot prospect? That’s a one. Lukewarm? That’s a two. Cold? Three. Weed out non-prospects and competitors. Yes, you may miss a few leads at the booth because you’re taking notes, but your connections will be stronger.
  • At the end of each event day, sort those cards — ones, twos, threes. 
  • Connect with everyone on social media as soon as you can with a personal note.
  • Send all of your "one" leads hand written, hand addressed notes. They are unexpected and always opened.
  • Wait a week. Let the post-show frenzy die down. 
  • Now call the ones. When you’re done that, call the twos.Threes go into your drip marketing campaign.

Is there a way you follow up with leads after networking events? When taking notes, what do you consider to be essential information for a follow up call?

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