7 Must-Knows About the Cloud Skills Gap

Despite the fact that the cloud skills gap in the U.K. has increased for the fifth consecutive year, only 14 percent of organizations in the U.K. believe it will be more difficult to recruit employees with cloud skills two years from now, according to a new report released by Microsoft this week. 

Interestingly, among those respondents attempting to recruit employees with cloud skills in the past 12 months, 38 percent reported difficulty finding the right skills among applicants. 

Click through the slideshow for standout statistics from the Microsoft report, which you can download in full here.

While this report focuses on the recruiting experience in the U.K., here in the U.S. there are similar concerns that the technical skills gap continues to widen, and that policy changes could widen this gap even further. 

What are you doing to address the skills gap in your own organization? Have you taken any drastic measures? Let us know in the comments. 

With notes from Chris Burt, The WHIR


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