5 Must-Reads on World Backup Day

5 Must-Reads on World Backup Day

Happy World Backup Day! Here are five must-reads on backup and disaster recovery in the cloud. 

Today, March 31, is World Backup Day, a day to verify that your files and photos are backed up. In light of the occasion, we've rounded up five must-reads for cloud service providers who offer cloud backup services to their clients. 

1. 7 Questions to Ask Your Cloud Backup Vendor

You've decided to offer cloud backup solutions, here are some of the questions you should be armed with. 

2. 7 Ways to Improve Your Customer’s Disaster Recovery Preparedness

One key aspect of disaster recovery is making sure you have an off-site backup and recovery procedure in place. 

3. 7 Factors to Consider in a Cloud BDR Service Level Agreement

Which factors should a cloud services provider (CSP) consider when it crafts a cloud backup and disaster recovery (BDR) service level agreement (SLA)?

4. 7 Tips to Boost Your Cloud BDR Revenues

Want to increase your cloud backup and disaster recovery (BDR) revenues? Here are seven tips.

5. Five Cloud Backup Myths and Tips on How to Bust Them

One of the best ways to increase sales of cloud backup software is to arm yourself with the facts and be ready to address any concerns your clients may have.


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