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How to Handle Sales Objections, Part 1

Ever run into objections during a cold call? I'm sure you have. Here are a few ways to handle objections that might come your way.

For the next few weeks, I’m going to focus on specific objections that CSPs will encounter, and provide some counters to those objections. They can easily be adjusted to suit your style. 

Didn't find the objection you were looking for? Don't worry, I'll try to cover as many as I can. If I do forget one, however, please let me know with a comment or two!

Objection One: "We’re too small to need something like that!"

To counter that objection, tell a story:

"A lot of our clients felt like that before they started working with us. Last year we spoke with a (type of company) in (your city) who had (number of employees) that felt their firm was too small to need IT support. They called us back a few months later after their company president had his laptop stolen in a home invasion. He had been responsible for bookkeeping, and all invoices for the previous year were saved in a file on his laptop. They weren't backed up. They were able to go back through all the emails he had sent for the year and retrieve copies of all the invoices. It took them a full four days of searching. But, never mind that, he had hundreds of precious family photos on that machine as well, and they weren’t backed up either. Whether you have four employees or four hundred, cloud based solutions ensure that the information you need to run your business is always available to you."

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Then, ask a question:

— What vital company information is stored on your computers?

— How would it affect your office if none of your computers worked tomorrow?

— How do you store sensitive information like employee records?

— If you lost all your invoices for the year how would that impact you?

And then you can ask for a meeting:

"I have some time to come in and chat with you and take a quick look around next Tuesday at 2 p.m. or next Thursday at 11 p.m. — which of those looks good for you for a 40 minute meeting?"

You can create similar stories that support all of the services you offer your client base.  The formula is the same. Try creating several, and then practice delivering them in a way that sounds natural.

How well do you handle objections that come your way? Do they get easier with time or are they a constant struggle for you? Let me know.

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