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2015 Technology Predictions: What Data Breaches Mean for the Upcoming Year

Everybody is vulnerable to data breaches. This is why cloud security will be the biggest game-changer in technology in the coming year. What else made the list? Find out here.

If there's anything to remember about 2014, it's this: Everybody is vulnerable to data breaches. It doesn't matter if you're a one-man shop or JPMorgan Chase (JPM), your data is valuable to somebody out there.

With the majority of businesses admitting to not trusting cloud security, security solutions providers have a lot of work ahead of them in 2015 — especially since the majority of IT security leaders have adopted the cloud or are currently planning cloud initiatives. This is why, I believe, cloud security will be the biggest game-changer in technology in the coming year.

It's one of the few things customers might actually be curious about, mainly due to the media's overall coverage of security attacks hitting well-known franchises. Channel partners should be ready to adapt to the ever-changing security landscape in 2015.

Still reading after my first prediction? Great. Here are another four technologies to watch in the new year.

No. 2: Software as a Service (SaaS): Not sure of the future of SaaS? You should be, no? SaaS adoption rose from 13 percent in 2011 to 74 percent this year. The majority of CSPs are already offering SaaS-based solutions to customers. What's the most-used cloud computing technology within organizations? SaaS. Do I need to go on any further?

No. 3: Big data: Pay attention to how big data shapes organizations. Large data sets are only useful if they can be processed. The big data and analytics market is expcted to hit $125 billion next year. Which companies will remain at the top of this market? Here's a guess: Don't be surprised to see Apache Hadoop-based companies like Cloudera continuing momentum in 2015. (Cloudera has raised more than a billion in financing.)

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No. 4: Internet of Things: Yes, the Internet of Things. We've all heard this buzzword thrown around the industry for a while now (some believe the hype is justified) — but where will it fit into next year's cloud computing roadmap? What about the data center? Gartner, Inc. (IT) says data centers must prepare for the IoT by recognizing several key challenge areas: security, consumer privacy and storage management.

No. 5: Hybrid cloud: Hybrid cloud isn't anything new, but many companies companies are now looking to implement a hybrid cloud roadmap in 2015. A new Avanade survey of 1,000 global C-level executives revealed that many businesses want to migrate their applications and services to hybrid cloud environments. Of those surveyed, 69 percent of companies want a hybrid cloud strategy next year. An opportunity here for channel partners?

My predictions aren't the only ones that matter. I want to know what you're going to be paying attention to in 2015. Here's how you can voice your opinion.

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