CA Technologies CA today launched Desktop Migration Manager DMM for enterprises affected by Microsoft39s MSFT39s decision to discontinue support for Windows XP

CA Technologies (CA) today launched Desktop Migration Manager (DMM) for enterprises affected by Microsoft's (MSFT's) decision to discontinue support for Windows XP.

CA Technologies Unveils Desktop Migration Manager for Windows XP

CA Technologies (CA) has released Desktop Migration Manager (DMM) to help IT departments transition from Microsoft (MSFT) Windows XP to more secure operating systems.

IT management solutions provider CA Technologies (CA) today launched Desktop Migration Manager (DMM) for enterprises that are still using Microsoft (MSFT) Windows XP machines after the end-of-support deadline.

An enterprise can use DMM to migrate from Windows XP to another OS without having to reconfigure its systems, according to CA.

DMM offers two types of migrations:

  • Deferred migration - Creates a data and settings file from an old PC and stores the file on a local machine or server.
  • Real-time migration - Moves a PC's data and settings over the network from the old PC to the new PC without involving intermediary storage.

CA said DMM is agentless and can be used with other lifecycle management products. The solution offers zero-touch migration when used with Client Automation, which provides analytics and policy-based self-service.

Nagi Prabhu, CA's vice president of enterprise mobility, commented on DMM in a prepared statement:

"Without ongoing technical support and security updates from Microsoft, Windows XP exposes our customers to vulnerabilities and significant risks. CA DMM - available today - provides our customers with a solution to migrate to modern operating systems to combat these security loopholes, reduce migration time and minimize productivity losses for their employees."

DMM is available for download here.

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