Sophos Cloud Vice President and General Manager Bill Lucchini says the company is quotsolidly cloud and channelquot

Sophos Cloud Vice President and General Manager Bill Lucchini says the company is "solidly cloud and channel."

Sophos' Cloud-based Security Puts Windows, Mac, Mobile on One Console

The new version of Sophos Cloud cloud-based IT security service enables channel partners to manage Windows, Mac and mobile devices from a single console.

Sophos on Tuesday said the newest version of Sophos Cloud IT security solution for small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers is now available to partners.

The updated version enables partners to manage multiple operating systems from a single console, Sophos said. The cloud-managed security service now offers a single management view of Microsoft (MSFT) Windows, Apple (AAPL) Mac and mobile devices.

Other updates include user-based management, reporting and licensing; built-in web security; and new policy-based Web Control features.

"Now, a partner can log into the Sophos Partner Portal with their existing login credentials and get a simple dashboard that allows them to provision new customers, transact on existing customers and prospects, and configure and manage current customers," Sophos Vice President Cloud General Manager Bill Lucchini told Talkin' Cloud.

He added: "Basically, they can run their business from this one login making the process from prospect to sale to ongoing management more efficient than ever."

The company first launched Sophos Cloud in October 2013, which is when Sophos kicked off its cloud portfolio for the channel.

"This new release is fundamentally simpler than alternatives and eliminating all that complexity leads to better configuration, better visibility, and better security," Lucchini said.

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