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In The Know: Top 5 Must-Read Cloud Stories, Feb. 18

Here's Talkin' Cloud list of must-read cloud computing stories for February 18. Today's column features dinCloud, CompTIA and My Digital Shield.

Talkin' Cloud at the end of each day pulls out five must-read cloud computing stories from the news cycle for its readers to review in the morning. Today's column features dinCloud, CompTIA and My Digital Shield.

Some of these stories have been gathered from Talkin' Cloud's article database, while others have been collected from elsewhere. If we missed something, feel free to leave a comment below. We might just add it into the mix.

Here's today's list of must-read cloud computing stories.

TC 100 Profile: dinCloud Validates the Cloud Experience. DinCloud's CTO believes the Gardena, California-based CSP is all about transparency. In this interview, he gives Talkin' Cloud an inside scoop on why dinCloud provides its customers with data center tours and design sessions with certified engineers.

Tech Industry Employment Wages Up In 2014. Which U.S. technology sectors are hiring? According to CompTIA, the IT services space experienced the largest increase in tech jobs last year. The tech industry association also noted that the total number of tech jobs nationwide rose in 2014.

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Open Source Enters The Classroom. As open source becomes increasingly important to enterprises and consumers, a growing number of educational institutions are adding classes or programs that focus on this discipline. Yet some channel executives worry these initiatives are inadequate to meet business needs and are concerned their companies will continue to carry most of the technology's training burden.

Who is Securing the Internet of Things?. Our digital world and the physical things that we interact with are on a collision course. As this convergence makes its way from the halls of CES to the aisles of Best Buy, you should anticipate IoT catching the wanting eyes of SMB customers. Here's what they need to know

My Digital Shield Updates Channel Partner Program. My Digital Shield is offering new tools to its channel partners to assist them with SMBs. The Wilmington, Delaware-based SECaaS provider this week updated its channel partner program to help MSPs, solution providers and VARs boost their recurring revenues. Here's everything you need to know about MDS' revamped channel partner program.

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