Riverbed Launches Stingray Traffic Manager on AWS GovCloud

Riverbed Launches Stingray Traffic Manager on AWS GovCloud

Riverbed Technology has released its Stingray 9.5 traffic manager software on Amazon Web Services GovCloud in the hopes of improving reliability, security and performance for mission-critical government applications on the AWS public sector cloud.

At Amazon Web Services re:Invent, Riverbed Technology (RVBD) introduced Stingray 9.5 on AWS GovCloud, bringing the traffic manager software to the government sector on the popular cloud platform.

Riverbed has made a lot of inroads into the public sector space and currently serves hundreds of government organizations around the world. The introduction of Stingray on GovCloud will open up additional opportunities and provide AWS channel partners serving government departments and agencies with the ability to optimize, scale, secure and improve the performance of mission-critical apps in the AWS cloud.

Designed as a virtual, software-based Layer 7 application delivery controller with integrated web content optimization, Stingray was optimized for cloud environments and is meant to be easily integrated into an application stack.

For GovCloud, what it provides is a way for U.S. federal, state and local government agencies and departments to gain agility and cost savings while also improving their performance and scale of application workloads and services. Although the government seems to be wholeheartedly embracing the cloud, there are still likely concerns about latency regarding cloud services. That's where optimization-focused companies such as Riverbed can help allay some of those concerns and make the transition to the cloud easier.

"The availability of Riverbed Stingray on AWS' FedRamp-compliant GovCloud region helps agencies efficiently optimize and consolidate their IT infrastructure while improving the performance of their mission-critical applications in our highly secure cloud infrastructure," said Max Peterson, director of AWS Public Sector, in a prepared statement.

According to Riverbed, Stingray was also designed to reduce the strain placed on application infrastructures with technological elements including protocol optimizations and dynamic compression and caching.

For cloud providers serving the government sector, Stingray and other cloud performance optimization offerings can help deal with some of the concerns customers have regarding scalability, security and availability—particularly when it comes to mission-critical applications moving from traditional IT infrastructure to the cloud.

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