Six Channel Partner Blogs The VAR Guy Didn't Write: April 29

Six Channel Partner Blogs The VAR Guy Didn't Write: April 29

The VAR Guy is packing his bags and preparing to attend multiple channel partner conferences the week of May 1. But before our resident blogger hits the road, here are six channel partner blogs The VAR Guy didn't have time to write for the week ending April 29, 2011.

7. Remember Them?: Enterasys, the networking company, is set to host the Enterasys Americas Partner Conference May 2-4 in Puerto Rico. Rumor has it The VAR Guy will be on hand to learn where the network switching and wireless company is heading next.

6. Big Quarter: CEO Danny Windham says Digium and SwitchVox enjoyed major momentum with VARs in the first quarter. Seems like Asterisk, the open source IP PBX, continues to catch on with customers. The VAR Guy will share specific thoughts from Windham in a few days.

5. Major Surprises?: Keep a close eye on Red Hat Summit (May 3-6, Boston). The VAR Guy is hearing some rumors about surprises. For some clues check out the sponsor list. And keep a particularly close eye on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV).

4. Feeling Bruised: The VAR Guy has received more complaints from current, er, former Apple channel partners. The partners say Apple recently dropped them without offering any specific explanation. Meanwhile, Apple has been testing a small business service and support strategy that involves OnForce.

3. Better Beta?: Some early beta testers of Work Market -- launched by former OnForce CEO Jeff Leventhal -- say the architecture holds great promise for VARs and MSPs seeking to manage their businesses more effectively. One of the alleged killer features: A free or low-cost PSA (professional services automation) capability.

2. A Microsoft Cloud Riddle: Which Microsoft channel partner apparently has managed the most Microsoft cloud deployments for BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite, which includes Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and more). The apparent answer: CDW. Here's the alleged proof.

1. Check the Headline: This is a top six list. Always has been. Always will be. So there is no number one. But The VAR Guy wants you to know that you're his Number One reader. (Just don't tell anyone else.)

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