CenturyLink Adds MySQL-Compatible DBaaS to Managed Cloud Services Wavebreakmedia Ltd./Wavebreak Media/ThinkStock

CenturyLink Adds MySQL-Compatible DBaaS to Managed Cloud Services

CenturyLink's new MySQL-compatible DBaaS platform, Relational DB Service, highlights the company's growing investment in managed cloud solutions.

CenturyLink this week became the latest cloud host to introduce a MySQL-compatible DBaaS platform, signaling the company's growing investment in the cloud market.

The platform, called CenturyLink DB, is certainly not a novel type of product. Other cloud companies have been offering MySQL DBaaS for years.

But CenturyLink hopes to innovate in this space in two ways. First, it is pitching the platform, which complements the company's Orchestrate NoSQL service, as a high-performance managed database solution, tailored to the needs of app developers in particular.

Second, the company is tightly integrating its new DBaaS with other virtualization and networking services. Here again, that's not exactly a new type of strategy for a cloud-hosting company. But as the third-largest telecommunications company in the United States, CenturyLink can offer a range of services that goes beyond what competitors like Rackspace or Amazon can muster, since their investment in infrastructure is not as broad as CenturyLink's.

As of now, CenturyLink has yet to offer significantly more than other cloud hosts. But it appears eager to expand in this market, and it has the resources to do it.

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