Mirantis Previews OpenStack Juno Cloud Platform

Mirantis Previews OpenStack Juno Cloud Platform

Mirantis 6.0, available now as a technical preview and for production use within three months, brings Sahara, NFV and the other new features from OpenStack Juno to the company's open source cloud computing distribution.

Mirantis, the "pure-play" OpenStack vendor, is gearing up for the release of version 6.0 of its open source cloud computing platform, which will be based on OpenStack Juno and include the latest Hadoop big data and network functions virtualization (NFV) features, the company said in details of the new release.

Mirantis 6.0 debuted in technical-preview form Oct. 30. General availability will follow in two to three months, according to the company, which is pitching the new version of its OpenStack distribution as the best combination of ease of use with advanced open source cloud computing features.

The most significant of those features new in Mirantis 6.0 include the NFV integration that appeared as part of OpenStack Juno, as well as Sahara, which brings big data processing to the open source cloud by making it possible to provision Hadoop clusters on OpenStack.

For longtime Mirantis customers, Sahara is not actually new, since the company has shipped Sahara as a value-added feature to commercial customers of its OpenStack distribution since 2013, and has been a leading contributor to Sahara development since that time. But Sahara's integration into OpenStack Juno means it will now become a part of the core Mirantis distribution.

While Juno has available since earlier this month, the complexity of the OpenStack ecosystem means most users are waiting for vendors such as Mirantis to package Juno into production-friendly distributions before adopting it. And with the recent announcement of $100 million in financing to support further development of its OpenStack distribution, Mirantis will be high on the list of leaders in this space.

We'll continue following the latest and greatest version of Mirantis's OpenStack offering, along with all of the news coming out of the tenth OpenStack conference in Paris next week.

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