Citrix, iPass Team to Bring Unlimited Global Wi-Fi to Mobile Workers

Citrix, iPass Team to Bring Unlimited Global Wi-Fi to Mobile Workers

Citrix and iPass have partnered to bring more than 19 million new Wi-Fi hotspots to CubeFree users.

Citrix Systems (CTXS) has partnered with cloud-hosted mobile connectivity solution provider iPass (IPAS) to provide mobile workers with millions of new Wi-Fi hotspots for its CubeFree social tool.

Citrix CubeFree users will have access to all 19 million of iPass’ global Wi-Fi hotspots, which is expected to help mobile workers find an Internet connection while they are away from their desks.

The CubeFree application allows mobile workers to locate public workspaces with Wi-Fi coverage via database technology from iPass and Foursquare, and pinpoints the locations that have the best connections for enterprise mobile workers.

“This is an innovative example of how a social application is utilizing the iPass global Wi-Fi footprint to deliver greater value to its community of users” said Patricia Hume, chief commercial officer at iPass, in a statement. “CubeFree is a great application for mobile workers, giving them all the information they need in one place. Through our partnership, we can now bring the power of the iPass network to thousands of CubeFree users, giving them the ability to work without connectivity restrictions.”

The app includes reviews on each location as well as Wi-Fi availability details and the number of power outlets available, according to the announcement. Citrix said the app can also be used to meet and collaborate with other mobile workers outside of the office.

CubeFree can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play, after which users will be required to purchase iPass’ full service directly through the application for a discounted price.

Earlier this month, Citrix partnered with cloud mobility provider Kony to allow users to manage their mobile applications across the entire life cycle of their products.

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