IBM Launches New Hybrid Cloud Option Using SoftLayer

IBM Launches New Hybrid Cloud Option Using SoftLayer

IBM has announced Platform Computing Cloud Service, a hybrid cloud service based on the SoftLayer cloud and aimed at high-performance computing environments.

IBM has rolled out a new option for building hybrid clouds. Called IBM Platform Computing Cloud Service and designed to meet high-performance computing demands that hybrid clouds have not previously been well-equipped to handle, the service is one of several new initiatives introduced by IBM recently in the cloud and virtualization space.

The new service integrates IBM's Platform LSF scheduler and Platform Symphony parallel computing infrastructure into the SoftLayer cloud, making it possible to offload on-premise computing into the cloud on an as-needed basis. The service is available on an hourly or monthly pricing basis.

IBM hopes the offering will speed hybrid cloud adoption in high-performance computing environments that organizations have not traditionally perceived as good candidates for migration to the cloud. Jay Muelhoefer, IBM's Worldwide Strategy director for Platform Computing, said in a statement, "Organizations have typically shied away from using cloud services for high performance workloads, such as risk analytics and computer-aided engineering, which require secure, high performance environments. With the Platform Computing Cloud Service, organizations can seamlessly build a hybrid cloud environment leveraging SoftLayer’s growing network of cloud centers" while retaining granular control of their data and workloads.

The service follows IBM's announcement last month of a major expansion of its global datacenter presence. It also complements a variety of other products and services introduced at the IBM Pulse conference this week, including the integration of IBM Power Systems into the SoftLayer cloud and a new virtualization management tool.

All of these moves signal IBM's strong commitment to the hybrid cloud, which is a key part of its efforts to capitalize on its acquisition last year of SoftLayer Technologies.

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