Zynstra Announces Channel Distribution Network for SMB IaaS Software

Zynstra Announces Channel Distribution Network for SMB IaaS Software

Zynstra has announced a partner distribution network to deliver its hybrid IT solution, which combines on-premise with cloud-based infrastructure, to SMBs in North America.

Windows Server 2003's end-of-life is poised to hit SMBs particularly hard. That challenge is opening new opportunities for vendors like Zynstra, which has announced a new channel program for distributing its infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform, Cloud Managed Server Appliances, in the North American market.

Zynstra's Cloud Managed Server Appliances is "designed from the ground up for SMBs" that need the scalability and flexibility typically provided by hybrid cloud environments, but lack the resources to manage a traditional hybrid cloud, according to the company. The solution combines on-premise IT infrastructure with cloud hosting to provide a subscription-based infrastructure service that, the company noted, is tailored to meet SMBs' usage and cost requirements—especially as many SMBs update their Windows Server 2003 IT solutions after the latter is no longer supported.

Starting today, the company is offering Cloud Managed Server Appliances through a network of channel partners based in North America. The partner distribution program will be the only way Zynstra delivers its software.

Zynstra hopes the strategy will attract new SMB customers to its solution, as well as forge stronger ties for the company with partners seeking to benefit from a subscription-based hybrid hosting offering. "Establishing a strong foothold with channel partners in North America represents an incredible opportunity to introduce Zynstra to a much broader audience. At the same time, our partners can finally reap the benefits of an annuity model from a full hybrid IT offering," said Nick East, CEO, Zynstra. “Each new relationship forged here will strengthen our reputation as a premier provider of enterprise-class IT without the enterprise cost."

CloudMSP is Zynstra's first distribution partner. The company has not yet announced other partners for the SMB-solution program.

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