ATT hops on the AWS bandwagon as the two companies partner to create easytous Thinkstock

AT&T Strikes Deal with AWS, Sets Tone for Both Companies’ Strategies for Growth

AT&T hops on the AWS bandwagon as the two companies partner to create easy-to-use collaboration between the carrier's networks and Amazon's cloud. 

Ahead of this week’s AT&T Partner Exchange Summit, the carrier last week announced that its gained a powerful new partner: Amazon Web Services (AWS). While terms of the multi-year agreement weren’t disclosed, we do know of a few different facets of the deal that could impact the channel.

Firstly, users of NetBond, AT&T’s high-speed private network, will be connected directly to the AWS cloud. Similar to the deals already in place with Microsoft Azure and IBM, the connection will give customers access to Amazon’s touted cloud services such as secure storage. IT service providers are sure to use this ease of use partnership as a selling point when packaging solutions together for their end users.

Secondly, because no tech news these days seems to be complete without a reference to the Internet of Things (IoT), the deal seems to set AT&T users up with an easy way to send and store data to Amazon’s cloud from connected sensors and devices. And if you’re in the channel, you’ve already been told ad nauseum that the IoT is the future of our industry. We’re bound to see more and more deals like this in the next couple of years as connected devices become a real cash cow for partners. This aspect of the partnership points toward a very near future in which dealing in the IoT will be a much less complicated process than it is currently.

The two companies have also declared a joint effort between to improve network security and respond to cyberthreats.

In a statement, Terry Wise, vice president of worldwide partner ecosystem at Amazon, alluded to its future plans of tech world domination. “Advanced connectivity and network solutions are critical to enabling our customers to get the most out of our services,” he said. Deals such as these will pave the way for tech and communications companies to default to using AWS and other big cloud providers instead of investing in their own data centers.



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