AMI Releases StorTrends iDATA Assessment Tool

AMI Releases StorTrends iDATA Assessment Tool

AMI has released StorTrends iDATA, a free software tool that allows IT managers to analyze their infrastructures to improve overall storage capacity.

American Megatrends (AMI) has released a free new assessment tool to help enterprise organizations and businesses reevaluate their IT infrastructures. According to the company, the StorTrends iDATA (Intelligent Data Analysis Tracking Application) will provide an accurate map of IT infrastructure performance, capacity and throughput requirements for a clear view of ways to improve storage capacity.

"When it comes to storage infrastructure, the unknowns can have a serious impact on your environment's success," said Justin Bagby, director of the StorTrends Division at American Megatrends, in a prepared statement. "With the StorTrends iDATA software tool, we are eliminating those unknown factors that can cause critical storage headaches down the road. In one week, organizations can have the clear view of their infrastructure demands and make more informed decisions that will deliver long-term value in the areas of operational performance, availability and agility.”

According to the press release, iDATA runs non-intrusively in the background of existing IT environments for a full week to understand the layout and operation of each individual system. Then it produces an analysis output file to generate a report that includes metrics for capacity utilization, IOPS usage, reads vs. writes for volumes, network bandwidth performance and more. These metrics can then be used by the organization to develop storage strategies and improve their overall infrastructure.

iDATA is equipped with several features to help IT administrators analyze the oft-overlooked aspects of their company’s infrastructure, including Active Data Identification/Hot Data, which can help users to avoid making a mistake when it comes to the type and capacity of storage that they need to purchase. iDATA also analyses VDI requirements and user and app performance to identify key metrics for user capacity.

AMI also highlighted iDATA’s ability to measure capacity growth and resource requirements so customers can identify the type and quantity of disk required to refresh their existing units of data storage. iDATA is available now.

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